8 Tips to Help You Succeed with Essay Writing

One - Brainstorming

Essays can tell much about a person as well as showcase the writer’s skills. There are many ways to craft the perfect essay. Brainstorming provides a critical first step to writing a successful essay and assists in the compiling of your information.

Two – Creating an Outline

Draft an outline of your content. Put your thoughts down on paper utilizing key words or phrases and subheadings. This technique does not need to be perfect but is focused on getting your thoughts down on paper in draft format.

Three – The Introduction

Write your introduction. Your introduction should consist of concise and short sentences that offer a summation to the reader about your claim or argument and serves to capture the attention of your reader right off the bat. The introduction provides the reader with important insight to the essay and should be a simple paragraph in length.

Four – The Body of the Essay

Your essay body should consist of three or more paragraphs explaining your claim or argument through the use of connecting words and phrases. These transitions create smooth flowing content needed in order to keep the reader’s attention and allow them to remain focused on your main topic.

Five – The Conclusion

Write your conclusion. The conclusion should be one paragraph in length with consistent formatting of topic sentences followed by a brief explanation of the topic sentences. The conclusion is the writer’s final chance to gain the recognition of its readers and if presented properly will accomplish just that.

Six – the Creative Angle

When writing an essay it is remarkably helpful to find a creative angle or link between yourself and the main topic of your essay. This will somewhat personalize the writing and tends to make the writing task easier.

Seven – Feedback

Once you have completed your draft essay, share your essay with family and friends and ask them for feedback. Remember to ask them if your content is clear but when listening to other feedback, don’t lose sight of your own voice and the message you were attempting to deliver to your readers.

Eight – Proofreading

Once you have completed your writing be certain to take sufficient time to proofread your content making all necessary changes to grammar and punctuation and deleting any irrelevant information. Remember that irrelevant information can easily lose the attention of your reader.