Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany or the Third Reich was a period in Germany history between 1933 and 1945 that the Germans were consumed into the dictatorship under the control of Nazi Party (NSDAP) and Adolf Hitler.

Seizure of power by Nazi

During the two general elections in 1932, Nazi won the bigger share of the vote but lacked a majority; Hitler could only lead a coalition that did not last longer. On 30th January 1933, Hitler was made the Chancellor of Germany after a lot of pressure to the president different groups and the events of that day is what people term as the seizure of power. The following months Nazi party adopted a process called co-ordination to take control of all the aspects of life under the party. All the organizations in the country were all under the leadership of Nazi party members by June 1933 with the exception of the army and churches. The president’s death and the rushed referendum confirmed Hitler the sole Germany leader. With all the political parties being dissolved and leaving the Germany with Nazi party as a single party Hitler’s word become the law and the power was centralized in his hands.

The fall of Nazi Germany

The Nazi military forces started to show signs of collapsing by late 1944 after their successful invasions in France. At that time when the Germans were enjoying their success in France, the Soviet forces were on the other hand from the East closing in. By March 1945, the western allied forces had already crossed the Rhine River, capturing thousands of Germany troops and the red army were in Austria both groups marching on to Berlin quicker than expected. Germany territories were subjected to strategic bombing by aircraft that destroyed an entire city in a night. In the beginning, the Hitler based nation displayed a fierce defense but could not last longer with losses of territories, supplies running out and lack of defensive ideas. The attacks were from both sides with the Germans in the middle and by April 1945 the Soviet met the American troops marking the end of the third Reich as Berlin was captured. Adolf Hitler went on to commit suicide five days later and Germans surrendered unconditionally on may 8. His death and the unconditional surrendering of the Germans cut short the planned Hitler’s thousand year Reich to only twelve destructive and incredible years.