Facebook Vs Twitter

With the growth of social media, it really becomes really hard to compare and contrast between these two social sites. They may not have come into assistance during the same period of time but they both were very timely and thus they both continue to enjoy a huge follow up. There are however major differences between the two and this is what will really mater regarding as to where the two social sites will be say in three years time. It is certain that thing will obviously take their cause and it will be clear who is a master to who.

Platforms for Sources of News

In many people’s way of thinking, Facebook is childish and it is a plat form for young boys and girls that have been to school together. There is however still some adults who operate Facebook accounts and are not in Twitter. They say that Twitter is for people who are mature in the brain and connects people who have met in old age and wish they had spent maybe time at school together. The kind of discussions in the two platforms is very different. It is believed that Twitter is the source of most of the news for both its users and most other social sites Facebook included. Facebook is thus termed as informative and reactive as it reacts to news from Twitter. It is thus not an original source of news and this could confirm that it is a platform for people who went to school together.

Privacy Settings

Facebook main use is to keep track of friends and keep sharing, and this is in line with the fact that it when it was started it was meant for Harvard students only but it extended to other users. On the other hand Twitter is a platform for people with similar interests. It is not necessary that people communicating in Twitter know each other. One privacy measure that is there in Facebook is that you know the person you add as your friend. Facebook has a variety of privacy settings and you can choose who sees what in your account. Twitter has got only two options of privacy settings. You can only set as private or public. Social sites and platforms make money through advertisement add. Both Facebook and Twitter therefore have advertisements.

Both these two platforms are really important for the growth and development of human beings. They enhance sharing and passage of information and play a big role in increasing the knowledge pool of the people using them.