What to do if you're stuck with an application essay

Application essays can be a real pain in the butt. All you want is to go to university so why do you have to write an essay to convince the school? The reason most schools do this is so they can separate the lazy people who are just going to school as a way to pass the time, from the people who are serious and passionate about education. The school boards want to see someone who is willing to work hard and do things that might be out of their comfort zone, such as writing or speaking, to show that they truly value the pursuit of knowledge and innovation in their field. You can think of this as a kind of job application, where you get a lot of training and very little work.

Qualities of a Good Application Essay

Here are examples of a few things that every application essay should have. Unless of course, the instructions from your particular school have different requirements, you can follow these.

  • It should talk about you, your passion for whatever field it is you are applying for, and a little about the difference you think you’d make in this industry
  • Mention past education that’s related to your desired program, or life experiences that have led you to where you are now
  • You can talk about failures and how you learned from them, or achievements
  • A good story to include in an application essay is any story that has to do with you being hard working or something related to your program, or a memory that nods to your interests and passions
  • Mentioning things you know about the school and its philosophies will show that you’ve done your research
  • Being professional is very important, no matter what you’re specifically talking about in the essay

It can sometimes be difficult to know what to do when you get stuck. If the above list hasn’t kicked your writing skills back into gear, then consider this. Think about being a school board member who only has ten open seats in her classroom, and fifty people apply for the spots. What will those ten have to do to prove them better? What would you be looking for if you were a professional in the field you’ve chosen, and you had to decide the future of these students.