How To Come Up With Catchy Topics To Write Essays On

A professor asks their students to come write an essay on their topic of choice with a due date. A generic and fairly routine practice in everyday academia.

The due date is perhaps in a few weeks. Not a big deal, the student will be able to get to it eventually so time isn't a factor. Even though this is the case, there are other factors that come into play that might cause problems with the essay, which is finding catchy topics.

Student or not, everyone encounters the same problem with writing essays. It's borderline writer's block because either the writers don't give themselves very much credit for coming up with a interesting topic or even worst, they're so seized by their own criticism that they're not able to produce any topic at all. In either case it's very easy to come up with some catchy topics to write essays on.

Absorb Content

There's always something going on through various sources simultaneously and all of the time. The world conducts information through social means because people are naturally very curious and socially driven. There's always going to be a topic to write essays on it's only a matter on what the student does with that information.

These social means are:

  • in conversation – holding conversations with others is a good way to find catchy topics that interest more than one person
  • television, radio, or internet – Mainstream media generates content all of the time and makes an extra effort to make their topics catchy if they're not already
  • surroundings – spending time with one's surroundings also generates topics of interest.

In all of these sources, it's a matter of 'tapping' into those signals by listening and even taking notes, which helps toward the topic.

Ask Questions

Most essay writers are able to select a topic first and then go from there to write their essay, but finding a way to make it catchy is where people often over-think the process.

Whether the writer is looking for the topic or wants to make their topic catchy, it always helps to become a part of the idea, asking questions is one way to do that, which helps because there's no wrong question to ask.

If the writer is interested in something that's related to their topic or they're trying to make it more interesting, they only have to put their own energy into the process to 'get lost' in it. Generally when people keep their 'heads down' in whatever they're trying to do, they become more engaged with their process. This is also applies to the writer.


For those who do stress out about the process, whether it's at the beginning or coming up to the due date, relaxing is the last thing on their minds. Everyone stresses about the deadline but the mind can't always process anything coherent under pressure.

Creating a catchy topic requires some sense of awareness of the material and what makes it catchy enough to write an essay about. Usually, by relaxing and pretending the essay or the deadline do not exist, a topic will come up that's bold and interesting to write down.

Worst Case Scenario

There's a secret weapon mass media uses that is very obvious to see when someone knows what to look for. That secret weapon is that when mass media has to perform, they have to make a boring subject interesting.

In the end, when all else fails, any topic can be made into something interesting. As a writer goes through the process of doing so, the process might trigger certain ideas along the way that they can tie in which makes a more complete and catchy topic.