Using essay examples to clarify and explain

Writing essays in school is all about being able to communicate effectively. When you write an essay you are conveying thoughts, ideas, data, statistics, and arguments in a way that can be clearly cockeyed to your reader. Using examples to back up and further explain what you are talking about is a great way to add substance and credibility to your essay.

Let's assume you are writing an essay on the topic of family. You mention how most people see a family as a mother father and kids, but that there are other types that are just as common. This is a true and factual statement but it needs some examples in order to flush it pout and make it more. Another example that can be given is the rising acceptance of gay and lesbian couples having kids. And of course there is the ever popular and admirable option of adopting for couples who cannot have kids of their own. These are all examples of families and though they are all very different from each other they still fit under the umbrella of what we call a family.

Including examples like these can help flush out your paper because it gives you more things that you can talk about and research to add into your paper. When your examples apply directly to the topics- as all of the above mentioned ones do- it helps build your paper and make it more in depth. Having good examples can also help strengthen your paper and add credibility because each example serves as proof that supports your claim. In this case the claim would be that the traditional idea of a family is not the only type of family that exists.

The important thing to keep in mind as you are writing is that everything you say needs to be supported in some way shape or form. You need to find some data to back it up, figure that reflect what you are saying, a quote from someone reputable who agrees with you, or an example from real life. You want the paper to be as strong as it can be and including examples like these will help you achieve that goal. You also want the paper to be interesting and informative and including real life examples like the ones discussed here is the best way to do so.