How To Recognize A Competent Essay Writer: Vital Advice

Competent essay writers are not only trained in academic writing, but also are they experienced in serving clients in this respect. Well, not all are as competent as claimed on websites and social media pages. Therefore, be willing to invest some time and efforts to investigate if the value is as claimed. Finding a competent person improves the chances of getting a high quality essay, which increases chances of scoring high grades. Here’s how to recognize a competent essay writing professional:

  1. They have satisfied clients: No one can claim competency based on their own judgment. At least, a professional writer leaves others to judge them because such judgment is more impartial. Many post comment/reviews of their services by clients on their web pages. A genuine person provides both sides of the divide – there are difficult clients to deal with too, and one or two will normally give a negative review. Therefore, a genuine expert will not miss those. However, a professional will have more positive than negative reviews. Make sure to read in between the lines to identify false claims/positive reviews. Clients can also go beyond the superficial presentation of reviews and ask for clients’ contacts, and they can communicate with them. However, many companies will not like to give contacts of their clients since it is a legal obligation by firms not to expose such to third parties.

  2. Have perfect samples: A good writer is known by their work. Therefore, you could ask the writer to provide a sample paper. By reading these samples, a good student can notice obvious grammatical and other errors such as styling. Ask them to provide a sample paper of previous work done to a client or require that they write a sample. However, many will be willing to write one or two pages of the sample.

  3. Committed to customer service: A good company or writer commits to client satisfaction and goes to any extent to achieve it, at least reasonably so. Customer service aspects include understanding what the customer wants and asking for clarifications. It goes beyond getting basic requirements for the essay assignment; to asking the client what their main expectations are and incorporating their advice into achieve expectations.

  4. Committed to constant and timely services: If the writer has remained in the field for long, they are tried and tested. The result is a reliable person who will not frustrate clients since they know how to maneuver through challenges in academic writing. Seek to know how long the person has been in the writing field/business.

  5. Committed to timely responses to clients’ needs: Whether it means delivering the essay paper before the deadline or responding to their questions in a timely manner, such services leave clients with little to worry about. Ensure the writer is always available online or on phone, Skype, Whatsapp and other platforms to respond to concerns and provide an update.