Choosing Good Five-Paragraph Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Five-paragraph essay assignments follow a certain format and structure. Students should understand these elements in order to select a good topic for the assignment. This form of essay writing is short compare to longer essay assignments. They provide good writing practice for students as well as creative thinking exercise when developing concepts and ideas. Your topic may depend on guidelines for your essay paper, but you can choose something you want to learn about that will help you produce a quality paper in a timely manner.

Brainstorming Original Ideas

Brainstorming is a common strategy used in writing. For essay writing this can help you come up with original ideas that will make good five-paragraph writing assignments. When you brainstorm you make a list of ideas that pop in your head. You can review each idea and research them further if they are of interest to you. When considering topics in this manner you should make sure the topic idea will provide elements necessary for your paper including an introduction, body and conclusion.

Use Sample Essay Papers as Inspiration

Sample papers are great for helping students develop ideas. You easily see potential topics that make a good paper featuring 5 paragraphs. You are able to review each section of the paper and know what information will appear and how evidence is presented. You can read through samples and make a list of possible topics to write about. Some students use samples to assist in developing an outline for their main idea. Sample papers offer great ideas on how to develop a topic from scratch. You can skim through samples and find additional details to inspire writing prompts. The prompts can lead to a solid topic to write about.

Additional Details to Think about When Selecting a Five Paragraph Paper Topic

When considering ideas for your essay assignment consider topic ideas that will provide information throughout the paper. Think about ideas that will help you develop an informative introduction, detailed body paragraphs with solid evidence and supporting details and a good conclusion that will bring the entire paper together and bring your topic to a close. Middle school students can consider issues and concerns among peers such as bullying or homework completion. Think about topics of interest such as music, fashion and digital technology.