Some Vital Tips for Writing Interesting Essays

The Topic or Question

Depending on whether you are choosing your own topic or are assigned a question, it is important that you remain focused on the topic or question. When choosing your own topic you want to be careful to select an interesting topic that will hold the attention of your reader. If you are writing an essay in answer to an assigned question, be certain you understand the question fully before creating your essay.

An Essay Plan

Your essay plan should assist you in compiling your thoughts and clearly defining your claim or argument. By creating an outline through the use of keywords and key phrases you can avoid writing too much content and stay focused on your topic.

The Perfect Introduction

An introduction is a simple but accurate summary of the points you wish to cover in your essay. There are various elements you can use to create your introduction such as a famous quote, a question, a direct statement of claim. Whatever elements you choose to use remember to use short and concise sentences that summarize and capture the reader’s attention right off the bat.

The Body Structure

The next vital tip is to create proper essay body or structure. The body consists of an explanation of facts followed by an analysis of your comments in support of your statement or argument. Each paragraph within the body should have similar formatting beginning with a topic sentence followed by a brief explanation of same. The key to maintaining the interest of your audience is to be consistent in format and simplify the body content while offering a concise explanation of the statement or argument.

The Perfect Conclusion

The last sector of essay writing is compiling your conclusion. The conclusion is your last chance to either impress or win over the reader. One of the better concepts to utilize when writing your conclusion is to link the conclusion back to the introduction in an effort to create a sense of balance while summarizing your various claims or arguments.


Once you have completed your “first draft” of your essay, you want to take sufficient time to reread and revise it. Be certain that your introduction and conclusion are in summary format and that you have made use of connecting or transition words and phrases to provide a smooth flow of content.