History Essay Sample -the 20th Century World History

The twentieth century is one of the most important periods in the history of mankind and all other things interested things in the world. The period, which cover the years from 1990-1999,saw very many historical things occur in the life of mankind. This included all aspects of mankind environments, socially, economically and also in his culture and science. Human beings have played a major role in shaping their history around these periods with their activities and developments. World history in the twentieth century was also shaped by the change and increase in human population and natural factors like floods, droughts and earthquakes which changed how human beings interacted and brought new ideas developments.

The twentieth century had many developments in social cultural activities. There were a lot of changes about human beings. This included increase in human population, changes in human racial integrations with change from racism to anti-racism activities, the human races were able to adopt different cultures from different races and cultures and intermarriages were gradually becoming a norm. However, this did not come easy as this period saw very many wars.

Among the famous was that were fought during this period was the First World War and the Second World War. These wars have since developed many negative and positive developments in the world history. With the wars causing a lot of economic losses and eventual loss of human population, the war also is attributed to have ignited other positive wars that were fought in terms of technology. These wars have since seen a lot of technological advancement in science, engineering and technology (computers, telephones and medicine).

The twentieth century history also cuts across, major events like the emergency or discovery of several diseases like HIV and AIDS, lifestyle diseases like cancer, TB malaria and the campaigns against their spread and cure.

In conclusion, the 20th century provides a rich history of both mankind and other living things and would forever be a reference point of any other generations to come. The developments in this century will provide the basics for many generations to come.