Middle school essay writing: do not hurry up

Keeping in mind the curriculum standards of different states, students need to write the comprehensive essays to secure good scores in their academia. Essay writing is the task we all have to accomplish throughout our academic career. No one of us can escape from writing an essay; we all have to submit the assigned essays during our school. And especially when you enter into the middle level of education, you know, you require being a good essay composer with the ability to make a thesis statement about your essay topic and you need to be able to build the arguments to support your stance.

Are you stuck? Getting worried about how to write a persuasive essay?

Here are effective step by step tips for you to write an excellent essay:

Step 1

First of all, do not hurry up and give the quality time of 5 to 10minutes in understanding the topic of your essay.

Step 2

n step two, make an outline for your essay, including following five headings:

  1. Introductory Paragraph:
  2. Thesis statement

    It should be catchy

    Clarity in choice of words

    Topic of essay should be clearly defined

  3. Body paragraph:
  4. Each sub-paragraph should address different evidence,

    Argumentation building,

    Supportive statements



  5. Opposing view paragraph:
  6. Strong and logical refutation of the opposing view point with examples and illustrations.

  7. Concluding Paragraph:
  8. Summarization of all described arguments in favor of thesis statement

  9. Personal view point paragraph:
  10. Short elaboration of your personal stance about the given topic

Step 3

It is the most important step because in step 2, you just made an outline, while in step 3 you have to work on each heading mentioned in the outline separately.

  • Do not hurry up making your thesis statement.
  • Take a clear position (for/against) about the topic.
  • Do brainstorming while writing your thesis statement
  • It should be catchy enough to draw the reader’s attention.
  • Review all of your existing knowledge about the topic.
  • Search the different sources to gather factual knowledge about the topic.
  • Do not hurry up in searching the facts, give it proper and quality time so that you can gather persuasive information based on facts.
  • After the brainstorming process, start writing.
  • While writing avoid adding the sudden points coming in your mind hurriedly.
  • Think proper before writing them.
  • After completing the writing process, review the whole document.
  • Point out or underline the flaws.
  • Rewrite the final script by excluding all the extraneous material.