A Great List Of Intriguing Topics For Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay is one where your main task is to win over your reader to your way of seeing things. It could be your position on a political issue, or a current event. Regardless of the specific subject, a good persuasive essay topic should be one that you can take a firm stand on. Then in the supporting paragraphs that follow your introduction, it will be your job to convince your audience why you are right.

By the conclusion, you should have your readers behind you all the way. Your position, solution, or stand on the issue under examination is the only possible answer! Here are some ideas and suggested topics to make your next persuasive essay your best one yet.

  • Issues Related To Gender
  • Are white men unfairly discriminated against when it comes to affirmative action hiring policies that seek to increase the number of women and minorities in the workplace? In child custody cases, should the daughters go with the mothers and the sons with the fathers? Are mothers more important in child-rearing than fathers?

  • Sex (And Sexuality) Always Sells
  • Should violent pornography be banned? Do comics that depict the rape of children do any harm? How about animated sexual torture? Threats to our society, or just a pervert's harmless way of letting off a little sexual steam?

  • Do Your Reader In! Death, Dying, And The Right To Choose
  • Assisted suicide and the right to die are commonly used as subjects for persuasive and argumentative essay assignments. People tend to have strongly held beliefs when it comes to an individual being allowed to end his or her own life. This can make for a passionately argued position, and an awesome paper.

    Consider taking a deeper look at the topic. Who should decide the fate of a horribly deformed fetus, or a terminally ill infant that suffers unbearable pain? In areas where assisted suicide is illegal, should those who attempt suicide be charged with a crime if they survive?

  • Putting Politics Into A Your Persuasive Essay
  • Political and social policy questions never have easy answers. Tackle a topic that is of interest to you and then set about convincing the rest of the world. Should immigration be stopped, or encouraged? If an illegal immigrant is caught in the UK, but likely to face torture at home, should they be forcibly deported? Is income a factor? Should the public be on the hook for the bills of low income immigrants?