Gun Control

It always seems like gun control is in the news for one reason or the other. There are extreme and varying views on the policies and regulations in regards to gun control and how it should be enforced around the nation. There are many different intricacies to the views that different people have; however, in general it comes down to two basic sides. One side that believes that Americans should have the right to purchase and carry firearms, and another side that does not see the value in civilians having the right to carry. While there are many different nuances to the beliefs that many people have, these are the generalizations of the two sides.

The people who believe that American civilians should not have the right to carry firearms believe that firearms cause too much pain and death when in the hands of civilians. There are always stories on the news about shootings and robberies at the hands of civilians with guns. This is the catalyst for many of the debates and much of the supporting argument of people who have this belief is founded upon tragedies that were previously in the news, or that happened to them in real life. However, the people who believe in an American’s right to carry feel very different. People who believe Americans should have the right to carry often reference political documents that declare that they should. They feel as though it is imperative that civilians have a way to protect themselves, their families, and their homes. Furthermore, they cite times when civilians have had to protect themselves from the government. These are some of the most common arguments made when debating the relevance of having the right to carry firearms or not.

When it comes to firearms and debating the right to carry a weapon, there are a lot of people who have differing views on what it right and what is wrong. While there are tons of very compelling arguments that can be made, there are also a lot of differing and strong opinions. People try regularly to dispute the right of civilians to carry firearms, and even purchase them stating that the regulations to purchase are too lenient. However, it is not very easy to purchase a firearm legally. The challenge comes in to play when people are able to purchase them illegally, or if someone really wanted a gun, there are firearms stolen all of the time.