Discursive Essay Topics About Sport: 20 Unique Suggestions

If you have been asked to write an argumentative essay on sport and you are literally clueless about where to head for picking up the right topic, let me tell you that writing a discursive article on sports requires deep passion for the a certain sport, or sports in general. Here you can find twenty unique suggestions.

  1. The problems that sports mentors face while coaching or while adopting a new coaching method
  2. Gender order and gender equality in sports
  3. Political involvement in sports management mars the objectives of holding sports events or sports club organization
  4. Interference of sports managers in team affairs leading to problems
  5. Sports betting and fixing: is it the liability of the management to oversee betting activities
  6. The future of sportswomen in less developed countries
  7. Athletic fitness should be the priority of sports coaches
  8. Doping athletes should be banned from all formats of the game they play
  9. The sports and fan culture should be elevated in the less developed nations
  10. Sports should be compulsorily taught right from the junior level till high school level
  11. Recreational sports must be made compulsory in government offices for stress busting and keeping employees fit
  12. The businesses that sponsor or endorse sports or sportspersons should be directly monitored by the government or its anti-corruption agencies
  13. Sports medicines should be rationed to financially underprivileged sportspersons
  14. Sports associations should invest more in infrastructure than investing in excessive development
  15. Player development, especially at the grass root level, should be directly monitored and funded by the government
  16. Players from all sports and games, whether team sport or individual sport, should be given pension
  17. The socio-economic issues that stun the development of games and sports and the sportspersons should be the onus of sports management, and not the concerned players.
  18. Cricket should not be allowed to play in North America
  19. Football World Cup and its effects in international relations between countries
  20. Should college teams be permitted to employ coaches from national level sports clubs?

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