Summary Barn Burning William Faulkner

“Barn Burning”, a short story from Faulkner is based on Sarty Snopes and his father Abner Snopes legacy.

Sarty was considered to appear as witness against his father barn burn action however it was logical that he would save his father by lying and saying that his father is not responsible to burn the barn. To side-step this uncooperative situation, the charges on Snopes were dismissed and ordered by justice to leave the country for forever. While leaving the court, Sarty was called as barn burner son and to defence that he was engaged in a fight with boys outside the court. Sarty’s this action was turned to reflect the blood loyalty.

From there, Abner and family members get into the wagon loaded with their wrecked belongings. On their way to new home they stay in a camp where Sarty was accused by his father and suggested always to stand by his family. They reached to their new home at sharecropping farm where they will be working as tenant farmers. Abner takes Sarty with him and go to see and talk Major de Spain. By looking at the white mansion, Sarty’s first impression was that this place will help his father to avoid upsetting people of this massive size white mansion. Unfortunately, Sarty’s first impression of truth, justice and culture washed away when his father intentionally stepped into fresh horse poop and walked down towards the mansion. He (Abner) was told by the butlers at front of the mansion to clean his feet before entering into the mansion. Later, he was order by de Spain to leave the house. While leaving the house, he wipes the dung stick to his boots on the front steps of the mansion.

Next day, the rug was dropped at Abner’s hut and he asked her daughters to clean it. Upon delivering rug back to de Spain with Sarty, he was insulted and charged for 20 extra brushes of corn to pay. For that de Spain was sued by Abner but justice of the Peace Court announced Abner as responsible. In response to that, Abner decided to burn the de Spain barn. Sarty run to alert the de Spain about the intensions of his father and brother. While running after alerting de Spain, he hears three gun shots and sees fire on barn. Despite all this, he decided to move on for a new start and never turn around.