20 Interesting Ideas For Paradise Lost Essay Topics

Writing an essay is fun, challenging and interesting task to do. Students learn to write essays since very young age. However, they are introduced to analysis and study question type essays in the later phase 9. Who can help me find a top-quality division essay example of life when they are mature enough to read a book or novel and summarize it in form of essay or point out its strengths and weaknesses in an objective way. If you are in school or college and the teacher has asked you to write an assignment about the paradise lost then you need to find a winning topic for your essay.

The topic is very critical because it is the first thing you need to decide about your paper. This will set the foundation of your paper. After you have a unique and fresh topic, you can easily find relevant materials and create a draft for your paper

Topics for Paradise Lost

  1. Does man have the ultimate free will as shown by the author
  2. Do you think Milton was biased when he talks about nature of women
  3. Describe the similarities between God as father and God as Son
  4. Show the difference between Satan and God
  5. Satan, sin and death are a complete opposite to the trinity, show how
  6. Did God ever intend to let Adam and Eve live in heavens forever
  7. Do you agree to the text of the book, which is an exaggeration of the Bible?
  8. Is it fair to limit God as one character and restrict him to something imaginable
  9. Who is the actual hero of Paradise lost
  10. Can Satan be claimed heroic in his nature
  11. If you compare the social and political frameworks of Milton’s era, will you consider him anti-feminist
  12. Is the book a reflection of Milton’s true thoughts and character
  13. Does the author have double standards because he encouraged the overthrowing of Charles I and says we should stay obedient to authority?
  14. Is there any change in Eve after falling from Paradise
  15. Does Adam stay the same after falling from Heaven
  16. Can Satan and Adam correlate because they did not obey the authority
  17. Why was Adam and his partner given a second chance
  18. Is God merciful or revengeful according to Milton
  19. Show the part of Eve in influencing Adam’s decision
  20. The role of Satan in influencing Adam’s acts