Purchasing customized essay samples on the web

A growing number of students today are relying on essay samples and example papers to help fuel their writing. If you are in a writing intensive course and find that your assignments are difficult to keep up with, you may also wish to use such resources. Sample essays can be used as inspiration, as a basic outline or template, or can be amended to create your final essay itself.

However, as more students come to rely on sample essays for completing their coursework, a growing number of college professors are utilizing plagiarism scanning software, such as TurnItIn. Copying in any manner from an existing essay is perilous, especially if they essay has been submitted previously.

How to avoid plagiarism problems: custom essays

One way to limit the risk of using sample papers is by purchasing customized essays that are written on demand. If you use a preexisting essay that you have purchased or downloaded off the web, you run the risk of inadvertently submitting work that is not new and unique, which can set off plagiarism software and land you in serious trouble.

Instead, you should only deal with essays that have been written to order. Do not purchase essays that have already been composed before you placed your order. This will ensure the work you submit is creative and new; it will also guarantee that the essay you submit will meet your assignment guidelines and be appropriate in terms of length, style, and overall content.

Where to find customized essays and essay writers?

If you seek customized, personalized example papers and essays, you must start by locating a capable writer. Online writing services and internet based writing centers can assist you by taking your order and locating the appropriate academic writer. If you would rather work on a more individual level, you may place an advertisement on a freelancing website, looking for writers. You will have to interview and vet the writers yourself, but you will have full control over the business transaction, which can be advantageous.

Things to avoid when purchasing a customized paper

Avoid dealing with freelance writers who do not list English as their first language. You want to be certain that the writing in your essay is of the highest possible caliber, and one way to do so is by only dealing with native English speakers, or people who are otherwise incredibly fluent. Do not work with writers who demand payment up front, or who are unwilling to work with escrow services or secure payment methods.