How to write an essay in 3 hours

Most often essay is given as assignment to students. But the time given to complete this work is very short. As it is a time taking and practice dependent work it needs sufficient time to be written perfectly. In exams and some other conditions, you are given three hours to write an essay on following topic. You sit down under pressure. You know that it is not adequate time to brainstorm, make outline and revise your thoughts. All you have to keep in mind is to write an eminence essay.

According to expert writers, an eminent essay requires:

  • An eminent and quality essay requires to
  • Be planned
  • Be straightforward

A student while writing an essay in three hours is very nervous because the time is running out with every tick of clock.

A student should be prepared:

A student has to come in examination hall well planned and prepared. He should make sure that he had a sleep of 8 hours before coming in examination hall. He has taken his breakfast properly so that in exam while essay writing he may not feel tired and famished. He should bring pen, pencils, pointer, marker and other required stationery. He must bring a wrist watch to calculate with how much time he is left. In this way, a student does not need to ask the invigilator that how much time is remaining. When a student comes with all the necessary items he needs in examination, there is no chance of time wasting.

A student should not be nervous:

When a student is sitting in exams, he should not be nervous about limited time. If he ponders on inadequate time he will waste his time. He has to take a deep breath. This activity will make him relax and fresh. Now he should start writing his essay by keeping it planned and straightforward.

A student should first comprehend the topic:

It is very important to understand what has been asked in assignment. If a student is unable to get what actually is asked in question paper, he will not be able to write down a quality essay. So he should spend at least five minutes in understanding the topic of essay.

A student has to plan time for each section:

After understanding topic, a student has to divide time for each section and start writing essay. In the end he has to save time for rereading it to edit mistakes.