Narrative prompts for writing an essay

Narrative writing prompts are a tool used by writers in order to create a well written essay that also has humanity as well and sometimes asks for personal experiences to be taken into account as well. These prompts can also be used as assignments for students. They guide and focus the writer so that they can be more detailed and chose a more specific topic or sometimes a topic is the prompt itself. These prompts can be very useful for the writer, but sometimes they can be deviated from slightly in order to suit a topic that is more specific to a certain need.

Make the student think about the world

A prompt should make a student think about a certain topic and what it means to them. Creating an essay made from a prompt should be different from other essays as the prompt should allow for exploration of the topic and allow the student to also tell a story along with discussing their research. They should be topical and relevant to certain interests. They should also be appropriate for the age and education level of the student. Don’t make the prompt too specific to where the student can’t be personal or be unique with the topic.

Example Prompts

An example of a narrative prompt would be: “Weather can affect your health. Think about a time in your life when your health has been affected by some kind of weather. Write a paper discussing this idea and research what affect the weather can have on your health”. This is a topic that can possibly be debated and can allow for research and for the student to tell a personal story. This is also topical as the field of psychology is still researching how the weather can affect such issues like depression.

In Conclusion

Narrative prompts are a tool and guide for writers in order to create a well written essay that includes research and a personal story. Allowing the students to research why something has affected their life and explore the reasons behind certain events creates an environment where research can be interesting and they can feel research is important and directly affects them. Creating this environment allows for further success in research papers and also creates unique essays where each student feels they have something important to contribute and that they have their own voice.