4 Tips for Writing a Good Personal Statement

Personal statements are extremely important while submitting applications for advanced schooling; the admission committee will check how effective and meaningful you present the usage of the English language, how succinctly written your statement is, and the natural spelling mistakes. So you can perfect the statement per committee guidelines, here are four essential tips that every student must follow to write a good personal statement.

  1. Unique and Distinctive
  2. Every personal statement must be distinctive and unique and must impress the admissions committee with at least one profound life story. You must ensure that you provide all the details of the profound life changing story so that you can help the admissions committee understand that the lessons you have learned from that particular life incident differentiates you from the other students. The personal statement must also include different incidents in your life that led you to this particular field of study.

  3. Work Experience
  4. Work experience is one of the most essential parts of every personal statement and it is extremely important to include the work experience in a clear and lucid manner in the personal statement. You must also include the lessons learnt such as managerial skills and leadership skills from different work experiences. Similarly you must also list out your career goals and provide explanations for any discrepancies or gaps in your academic record.

  5. Personal Characteristics
  6. Including personal characteristics in the personal statement is extremely important since the personal characteristics will help the admissions committee understand you as an individual amongst hundreds of other students. The personal characteristics you can include in the personal statement are qualities such as compassion, integrity and diligence which would help you improve your opportunities for success in the chosen field and profession. You can also include other skills you possess such as effective communication skills, managerial skills and leadership skills.

  7. Avoid Repetition
  8. There are certain things you must avoid including in your personal statement such as repetition of the same personal statement for all your essay applications. You must also avoid stating that you will make an excellent student/candidate unless you have certain examples to back up your claim. Similarly you must also avoid including clich├ęs in your personal statement.

More important that testing, a clear and lucid personal statement that will help board members understand the work experience, motivation levels and extracurricular activities of the student is extremely vital, and must be written with utter perfection to convince them to further your studies.