Essay about drugs; legal issues

When you are in school there will be times when you have to write essays. These essays could be about anything. They could even be essays on drugs and the legal issues that surround the subject. No matter what your essay is about there are specific steps that should be taken to insure that your essay is thorough and complete.


Even if you think that you know an awful lot about the topic of the essay, things are always changing, current events and trends mean that what you thought you knew yesterday may be nonexistent today. Research means everything in writing about drugs and legal issues or anything else that you may have to write about. Make sure that your facts are up to date and that while you are researching the topic you jot down any information that you want to use along with your source so that you can cite it properly.

Organize the Information

Once you have done the research and have all of your information you need to get it all organized and lined up so that you can see what you have learned and what you will expound upon in your essay. If you have all of the information in order it will be easier and faster to write than if you are constantly looking for this fact or that law.

Write it

Now that you have all of your research done and laid out in an order that is easy to understand you have to actually take the time to write the essay. This is where a lot of people have trouble, but that is why it is so important to do your research before the writing. As you are organizing it, you will be thinking about how you want to word certain information and that leads to the easier writing process. Just do not procrastinate. If you need silence in order to write then go somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Get it done.

Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing are important parts of the process. You may have a percentage of your grade based on whether you spelled everything correctly and used proper grammar as well as on your research and how you laid it all out it an essay. You should do at least one rough draft and of you need to have someone else look it over and offer suggestions before you type up the final essay.