Common Core

There is often a debate as to what can ensure higher education standards in America, and today the Common Core standards are one answer or solution to the debate. Common core is a state standards initiative which is designed to prepare students for college andmath writer careers. It's a set of academic standards in the fields of English and mathematics. The standards outlined the things that students should know and should be able to accomplish at the end of each year in school. The standards were created to ensure that every student who graduates from high school has the skills and the knowledge they need to succeed not only in college, but in a career after college and in their life no matter where they live. 43 states as well as the department of defense education activity have voluntarily adopted these common core standards and are moving forward with them.

For years academic progress has been stagnant and the United States has lost ground to its international competitors. This is particularly true in subjects such as math. One of the root causes of this isn't on even set of academic standards that vary from state to state. Each state had different ideas of what students should know at the end of each year. Into thousand nine, many groups recognize the need for consistent learning goals across every state and they let a coordinated effort to develop the common core standards. These common core standards were designed through collaboration among experts, administrators, school cheeps, and teachers. They offer a consistent framework for all educators.

The common core standards are informed by the most effective standards in the highest standards from states across America and from countries internationally. The standards define which skills in which knowledge students need to have gained throughout the course of their education from kindergarten through high school senior. The standards defined the items that students need to graduate, prepared for success in an entry-level career, or an introductory college course, or a workforce training program.

The standards are based on research and evidence. They are understandable and consistent. They are also lined with career expectations and college expectations. They are based on a rigorous application of knowledge that will require higher-level thinking skills from students. The standards are also based upon the strengths of existing state standards and lessons from those standards. They are informed by some of the top-performing countries in the world so that students in America can prepare for success with in a global economy.