Buying a custom-written essay: detecting fraud

When considering hiring an online writing service to write your essay, you should always choose the custom option. That’s because you want to ensure you receive an original and unique essay that’s yours alone. Never be tempted to buy a pre-written essay that’s sold to hundreds of other students, and this article will tell you why.

Risks of buying a pre-written essay

A pre-written essay may be of high quality but what makes it worthless is the fact that it has been sold to other students in the past and will be sold again to more students in the future. Can you imagine the embarrassment of handing in an essay to your teacher that she’s already seen before? Not only that, but you’d face the consequences of being caught for plagiarism. That’s not a position you want to be in.

In a nutshell, here are some of the risks:

  • Your essay is not unique or authentic
  • You could get caught for plagiarism
  • Someone finds out you used a copied essay

Benefits of buying a custom essay

If you’re going to buy an essay instead of writing your own, always opt for the custom written one. The writer always starts from scratch when you place your order. It is written exactly according to the guidelines you give them, and they use your topic or you can pay them to choose an amazing topic for you.

The benefits of a custom essay include:

  • Your essay is original and credible
  • The writing company is trustworthy and you can rely on them to produce quality
  • There’s no chance of duplicate essays being sold to other students
  • You earn a good grade

How to detect fraud

There are plagiarism checking software sources you can use to see if your essay has ever appeared anywhere online before. Furthermore, if the writing company has written the essay to your specific instructions, it can’t be a duplicate essay. Not when you chose the topic, title, length of essay and so forth. Chances of someone else having the exact same requirements are almost non-existent.

Always pay attention to guarantees and feedback from other customers. Clients who were pleased with the essays they bought in the past will leave good words for the company. Students who were displeased or disappointed will also leave bad feedback which you can take as a warning sign. Only buy from a credible writing company.