A List Of Argumentative Essay Topics Related To Nursing

The best part about writing an argumentative essay is that you are free to voice your own opinion. If you have grown tired of writing essays of unbiased and neutral nature, an argumentative essay gives you the opportunity to finally write what you feel. But that doesn’t mean you can argue baselessly.

Your arguments should be backed by proper evidences and data so that they sound more sensible and rational. Therefore before you take a stand you must make sure you have all the relevant back up you need to support and defend your argument. Giving an opinion is an easy task but buttressing with facts and proper reasoning is where argumentative essays differ from mere opinion sharing.

There can be a myriad of topics on which one build an argumentative essay on. Nursing is one unique yet very interesting topic for argumentative essays. Nursing is one subject that has been under scanner numerous times due to various reasons. And there are indeed lots of issues related to nursing and hospitality which needs to be addressed and generate opinion on. You can yourself choose a topic which you feel concerns the interest of the society more than anything else and express your opinion on it. But make sure you are absolutely confident about your stand and you can defend it if required also.

Nursing is a concept that is huge and thus you have to narrow it down for your own convenience so that you can pick the issue that interests you the most. Following are a list of a few interesting topics on nursing which can be made into gripping argumentative essays.

List of Nursing related topics

  • Hiring more male nurses in the health sector would ensure gender equality
  • The salary of the nurses should be increased substantially to attract efficient health professionals into the field
  • Nurses should be given more responsibilities that are at present only taken by the doctors
  • All nursing courses should be extended by another year in order to ensure better services the patients
  • All hospitals should fill the minimum quota of nursing staffs
  • Patience and presence of mind are the two most important qualities in any nursing professional
  • Why Placebos work should be administered by nurses?
  • Western standard for nursing should be made mandatory in all developing countries
  • Homeopathy medication should also be administered by trained nurses

The above topics are few amongst the many possible topics based on nursing suitable for argumentative writing.