How do I write an essay in a few hours?

The best way to write your essays with hours to spare is to plan your time accordingly. In some cases, it depends on what your topic needs and the type of essay. Since most essays are roughly one page in length, a few hours may be all you need to get the work done. In planning your essay, consider your strengths and how you can utilize them to help you get your essay written. The following points can give more insight on how you can get your essay written in hours.

  • Know your topic well and where you can get additional information if necessary. if you choose a good topic you feel you can write about in a short time, you may have an advantage. Think about what information you will need to sufficiently support your content. Also consider sources needed if you need to collect more information before you start writing.
  • Break up your essay into smaller parts and work on each part. An outline can help you accomplish this task. For example, an essay may have five paragraphs with each paragraph serving a unique purpose. The first is the introduction, the next three are body paragraphs that will each have a supporting point, and the last will be the conclusion. Know what information will appear or will be needed in each paragraph. For example, the introduction will have your thesis statement and details to introduce the topic to readers.
  • Write a rough draft and set a time limit for how long you will work on it. Once you have created an outline or broke up the paper into smaller parts, you can begin piecing things together with a rough draft. This is where you begin writing sentences and paragraphs to get an idea how your ideas will come together.
  • Go back over your draft and revise your content based on guidelines given. Think about guidelines for your essay. Does what you have completed so far mimic this information? Revise sentences and paragraphs by improving content placement and appearance. Does each paragraph transition well into the next? Is your thesis or main idea supported with enough evidence?
  • Take time to proofread and edit or get someone else to read it over for you. This can make a big difference in how your essay is received by the reader.