How To Write An English Essay: Things You Can’t Overlook

You are going to have to write an English essay soon or later but if you struggle with writing an English essay then you have found the right document to help you write a killer essay for your next English class.

How To Prepare

  • - First you want to start you essay early, starting early gives you time to do all the steps to construct an excellent piece of literary work.
  • - You will probably have to do an essay on a book or story that you have been working on in your English class, so make sure that you take really good notes in class.  This will help you when you are setting down later trying to figure out what topic you will be doing your essay on, unless it is already given to you.  If that is the case then still take notes and think about the topic as you teacher is discussing the book or story.
  • - If you teacher does give you a prompt for your essay and they write it on the board, make sure you write it down so you don’t forget it later.  This will also give you a chance to ask them questions about the prompt before you start writing.

Writing The Essay

  • - You can start working on your essay by brainstorming key parts of the story or book that you might want to use in your essay.  This is what is referred to as free writing, which means writing the first thing that comes to you.
  • - Now that you have an idea of what your main focus is going to be in your essay, it’s time to write your thesis statement, this is narrower idea that relates to your topic.
  • - The brainstorming that you did early, now it is time to look at all that you had written down and for you to use those ideas as topic sentences that will be used in the body of your essay.  Once you have the sentences written you can figure out which ones to keep and what order they can be used in your essay.
  • - Take all the sentences that you just constructed and start writing your essay and finish the first draft.  When you are writing you want to make sure that you have a strong introduction and good transitions from paragraph to paragraph and a conclusion that makes them want to read more of the essay.
  • - After you are done writing the essay, it’s time to go back and proofread and edit your work.  This might take a while but if you read it out loud or use text to speech on your computer it will make the process go faster because then you will be able to hear all of your mistakes.