The Crisis in Culture: Mass Culture and Camp

The global culture is driven by modernity and popularity. This century sees the rise of pop culture, mass culture, trash culture, camp culture, the cross- pollination of low brow, middlebrow, highbrow and no brow. In addition to this, the use of internet has completely changed the definition of ‘popular’, it seems that everything is driven and defined according to the individual perception and theory. The short essay aims to discuss the crisis experienced in today’s culture.

Culture is now interpreted as the commodity that represents the status of an Individual. It is the consumption of commodity that bridges the relationship between the individual and socio-culture. Culture mass is also interpreted as the capitalism that signifies practices far from being derivative, it is therefore understood as the dominant interpretation of material processes in everyday life. It is stated that the popular American culture is presented in terms of promoting unrivaled benefits of civilized America.

The concept related to cultural popularity seems to have flayed and drained on all meaning. As an example, it can be seen that naval-police procedural is understood as the highest-rated program on television that seemingly attracts around seventeen million viewers a week. Culture is not experienced as homogenous and hulking mass anymore. It is all about the concierge type of delivery system of the Internet that has managed to form its cultural cocoon.

It is also stated that cultural popularity is able to task the best when it’s freely distributed and liberally interpreted. It being the new age we ought to enjoy something that is new and exciting. Therefore in concluding statements it can be said that mass culture and camp is all about 21st century riddle that we as individuals continue to solve in addition to enjoying the new segment of popular culture in today’s era.